The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Memorial -- December 14, 2012
26 Journeys Interrupted
  The Sandy Hook School shooting memorial or "26 Journeys Interrupted", is a loose but concentrated interpretation of the crime scene, which viewers are invited to enter. In the center of the room are twenty-six bicycles, one for each victum: six adult, twelve girls and eight boys. The bicycles rest piled on each other on a black surface with yellow stripes that represents a road or their journey through life. Two childrens desks are embedded with the bicyles on opposite coners to add to the impression of a classroom. Blood puddles beneath the bicycles and trails towards the four walls and pools beneath each back pack and hand bag. AR 15 spent cartidges lie scattered beneath the bicycles and under the back packs and on the two childrens desks, as evidence of the cause of the tragedy. The back packs hang on two walls as they would in a classroom. Each contains a coloring book two of which are open on the two childrens desk which the viewer can color in with crayons. The back pack and hand bags speak on behalf of their former owners providing a photo and brief bio. White spirit birds fly upwards and depart the crime scene.

The installation was featured in New Haven City-Wide Open Studios, in October, 2018, in the former facility of the Yale Nursing School in Orange, Connecticut.
Copyright: Joseph Fekieta 2020