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1. Humanity, following
the previous
generation's bad
2. Humanity, taking
children away
from their
3. Humanity, fighting
each other
to get the prize.
4. Humanity, tormenting
women and children for sport.
5. Humanity, resisting
the idea of
different communities.
6. Humanity, manipulating
family values
until they are
7. Humanity, resenting
the one chosen
as perfect.
8. Humanity, longing
for any kind of
9. Humanity, gathering
in groups to
secure territory.
10. Humanity, walking
away from all
11. Humanity, competing for the right to breed.
12. Humanity, coping
with the burden of conscience.
13. Humanity, looking for answers to
different questions.
14. Humanity, taking
away the right
to choose.
15. Humanity, going
along with the
collective mind.
16. Humanity,
discovering the
origins of one's extiscence.
17. Humanity, struggling to keep the family alive.
18. Humanity,
fighting the
paralizing burden
of repitition.
19. Humanity,
attempting to prevent
another generation's
20. Humanity,
accusing each
other of
inappropriate behavior.
21. Humanity,
mistreating someone
with an
emotional problem.
22. Humanity,
to receive
special favors.
23. Humanity,
blaming each other
for everything that
goes wrong.
24. Humanity,
persuing an
obsession while
ignoring the
obvious consequences.
25. Humanity, generating unnecessary
fear in order to
profit from it.
26. Humanity,
allowing their
sexual urges to
override their
common sense.
Copyright: Joseph Fekieta 2012