Journey of the Drip

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'Journey of the Drip' is an assembly of embryonic myths providing fuels and incentives with which to understand our own stories. As solid turns to liquid and liquid to gas, so the drip is a transformative element in the pivotal experiences of humankind.

Upon reflection of the images, we see our deep capacity for interminable folly; the devastation of extreme aggression; the mindlessness of social herding and the tragedy of aimless greed. The intensely imaginative collision of man and beast mirror a world where irrationality, instinct and the balance of nature are disturbed.

These methodic and hypnotizing images are a drumbeat for us to
contemplate. The form and its variations can teach us to observe the workings of our inner life thus provoking an awareness of universal patterns of existence.

Mariellen Chapdelaine
January 2008


'Journey of the Drip' is a poetry-image book consisting of 81 images and poems. The book has a beginning and ending but the images do not work in sequence, instead each image is a self-contained narrative. The narratives are constructed through the integration of 9 symbols: a drip, a bowl, fire, a clown mask, a snake, a spear, monkey bird, and butterfly, which are all present in each image. The symbols are placed in an environment and utilized in some manner by the characters to generate the stories. The esoteric subject matter of the images is explained more literally by the accompanying poems which forcefully comment on the darker side of human nature. All the poems
are constructed in the same manner, four lines as rhyming couplets.

Joe Fekieta

Copyright: Joseph Fekieta 2009